Medical Billing System

iClaim is an inexpensive, web based system which is HIPAA Compliant and is accessible from anywhere. This sophisticated and user-friendly software is a complete solution to manage your medical practice. iClaim provides you a high quality state-of-art to manage the business of any medical practice. It's multi-functionality offers you many features in your every day work like keeping a complete track of your Patients' information, analyzing and editing every single info of your patients', detailed reports on every single claim. This hardware independent system helps you to get any info on your billing from anywhere in just a "click" of a button

It facilitates with online clinic scheduling/ surgery scheduling and online insurance eligibility (individual and batch) which helps you to confirm the Patient's eligibility instantly. iClaim is fully-integrated in billing, collections and revenue cycle management, including electronic claim submission, remittance and online claim status tracking.

Scanning of Charts

Patient charts can be scanned into the system under individual category or as a complete chart with bookmarked per client needs. Once the charts are scanned and uploaded, they will be accessible on the application from internet. All lab results and miscellaneous documents can be attached to the patient charts.